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1- Official page Lee Carroll - Kryon
2- Official page Geoffrey Hoppey - Tobías
3- Official page Peggy Dubro. EMFbalancing technique©
4- Official page Dr. José Argûelles - Dreamspell
5- Spiritual page- Kryon and Tobías
6- Official page Steve Rother - Kryon
7- Official page David Brown - Kryon
8- Danish spiritual page - Sanala
9- Danish spiritual page - Spiritweb
10- Danish spiritual page - Livskilden
11- Page of spiritual art made by Lise Nilsen
12- The Brofman Foundation (advancement of healing)
13 - Virtual library of the new energies. In spanish
14- Spiritweb about Kryon, Tobías, EMF, reiki, Flower of light, etc.
15 - http:// Spiritweb about indigo and crystal children
16- Chakra-Dharma -Workshops i Healing og Synsforbedring
17- Official site Dreamwalker Transitions School Saint Germain©





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