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This is a new spiritual site which, we hope, will grow into a very nice and beautiful
place where people can be together, enjoy themselves and of course learn from the
universal knowledge that is in all of us.

Parts of this site are not yet finished or even started but will be in place in time.
Please, revisit this site frequently for seeing the latest additions and please,
remember to leave a message in our guestbook.

We try to keep it a peacefull and pure place that is simple in its construction and we
hope you will enjoy yourself here.

What can be found here?

First we have a section where we offer to help you with realising yourself. If you follow
this link: Dreamspell, you will find all the information you need for obtaining your
readings inspiret by the Mayan calendar.

We also have a HELP section. In this section, we try to give our best advice when you
have a problem or just a question related to spirituality.
This service is free.
Please be patient for receiving an answer.
Questions or problems that we regard as being more important will get priority.
Write to

In some cases,
we will need more information from you in order to answer your question. In that
case, we will ask you for it.
Of course, your name will never be published in order to preserve your privacy.

There are sections that give you information about:



EMFbalancing technique©

Diamond Water

Indigo/Crystal children

in their designated links..

Our friends is a place where we place the contributions that we receive from all
around the world. Contributions can be poems, drawings, share of knowledge etc.

The book of good© is an electronic book that only contains 'good real stories' that
happened or are happening in this moment.
A difficult issue of course because what is good and what is bad?
We hope we will make the right selection and create
a book that sends beautiful energy throughout the world.
Everybody can contribute to this by sending us
their 'good' story.

In our links directory we have a simple list of pages that share our interrest.
If you have knowledge of

an interresting site please send us the link and we will add it.

We want to say thank you to Lise Nilsen,
because she permited us to put in our pages
a lot of her art, for giving more beauty to these pages.
Enjoy her webpage in:


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are not regarded copyright material. If any images are with copyright,
please inform us and we will remove the
image in question.