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My spiritual name is Mucuy Ku, which means Gods Dove in the Mayan Language.
This name was given to me for Mayan Teachers during a spiritual gathering in Mexico.

Spirituality has been very important in my entire life. It is with me since I was born, but I start to study and to be conscient about it, for the last 15 years, and has directed me into many different directions. Basically all these directions have been for one purpose only and that was to find who I really am, my true self. This search brought me to many different places and gave me all the usual ups and downs that are so common in the process of finding yourself. These travels consisted of beautiful spiritual works in Mexico and Argentina and of course with myself.

I learned about Kardecian spirituality, Reiki, Mayan culture, specially focused in Kinich Ahau, Dreamspell and Ascensional Harmonic Alignment.
I learned too about Kryon energy, Tobías, Numerology, past lives and more. No need to say
that this road has been beautiful but sometimes hard too.
All is for growing.

Along this path I found very valuable tools that I carry with me always.
I also found the powers inside me that always have been there.
Along the way I started to combine my internal powers together with the education I received from different Masters in Mexico and Argentina, and from my Own Divinity.
I started to help people into the path of self knowledge, naturaly this is always a mutual experience of learning and enlightment.

Self knowledge in this case does NOT mean information about your past or worse, the future.
It is a spiritual path, a road that is traveled every single day and any decision does influence the road you are taking or in many situations the road you don't take.

Most persons have different powers, tools and ways to reach their inner self.
A long time the question might be: What is the correct way to be in contact with my Superior Self and how I know to reach my path of inner peace and growing?

An enlightened person should hopefully reach the point where he or she knows that any and preferably internal power is good and will bring us in connection with ourself.
There are many ways to obtain this, but the most important, the real Master is inside us and all the answers are there. This I learned, accepted and use to the extent I can.

Recently I started to make what I already made before in my life, but my road changed and so my surrounding. Now I work together with my husband Theo, who has a natural born spirituality, and we choose to offer the work I used to do through Internet, making it possible for us to reach the world in an other fashion, being sure that this will show us new roads, teachings and learning, getting to know more people around the world.

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