The Spiritual Door


The Silent Prayer

Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe



In my heart, I accept my perfect Being.

I accept that the joy that I have intended is already in my life.

I accept that love I have prayed for is already within me.

I accept that the peace I have asked for is already my reality.

I accept that the abundance I have sought already fills my life.


In my truth, I accept my perfect Being.

I take responsibility for my own creations,

And all things that are within my life.

I acknowledge the power of Spirit that is within me,

And know that all things are as they should be.


In my wisdom, I accept my perfect Being.

My lessons have been carefully chosen by my Self,

And now I walk through them in full experience.

My path takes me on a sacred journey with divine purpose.

My experiences become part of All That Is.


In my knowingness, I accept my perfect Being.

In this moment, I sit in my golden chair

And know that I Am an angel of light.

I look upon the golden tray - the gift of Spirit -

And know that all of my desires already have been fullfilled.


In love for my Self, I accept my perfect Being.

I cast no judgment or burdens upon my Self.

I accept that everything in my past was given in love.

I accept that everything in this moment comes from love.

I accept that everything in my future will result in greater love.


In my Being, I accept my perfection.

And so it is.


"The Silent Prayer is an acknowledgement of All That Is. In this prayer, I know that every prayer I have ever voiced is heard by Spirit, and that Spirit has given unto me all that I have asked for. It is an acknowledgement that my soul is complete in the love and grace of God. It is an acknowledgement of my total state of perfection and Is-ness. All that I desire, all that I wish to cocreate, is already within my reality. I call this the Silent Prayer because I know that my Being is already fulfilled. There is no need to ask for anything of Spirit, because it has already been given. "

Geoffrey Hoppe

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