The spiritual door


Co creation prayer
by Mario Liani (1)


I, <your name>,

have faith that my Superior Being always will be my instant,

constant and generous provider.

I, <your name>,

have faith that my Superior Being always open my roads even when humanely

it seems that they don´t exist.

I, <your name>,

have faith that my Superior Being always guides all my projects,

keeping my health, happiness and prosperity.

I, <your name>,

have faith that my success and my inner peace always are sure with the help

of my Superior Being,

that it is my highest "I" and the part of God that lives within me.

With the license of the High Spirit, that manages all and governs all.

With the license of the Earth Mother, joust, generous and open handed.

With the license of the Power of the Four Elements,

of the Four Directions and of the Supraenlighted Devas,

I, <your name>, greet to the Fire, greet to the Earth,

greet to the Winds and to the Waters

and honor the fact to be together with all of you.

With the license of all my Guards and Spiritual Guides

and of the Great White Brotherhood (2),

I, <your name>, in this hour and in this moment,

call to all the Light Beings that guard my roads,

for asking affect, goodness, understanding, help, advices, information, instruction,

wisdom, light, a lot of light, that together we can walk the path that was traced

for ourself from the most high regions of the Spirit.

Through all of you, loved Guides, I, <your name>, speak to the Creator Fountain of the Spirit.

I, <your name> as the multidimensional Being that I am,

I affirm that I am sacred and deserve to be here, in the Earth,

in my magnificence, for receiving answers from You, dear Spirit,

my magnificent partner. What can I do for being a better partner to you?

What do you want I know? What should I do now? Where should I be now?

What can I do for the appropriate events to happen in my life?

Give me the instructions for acting, give me the synchronicity in my life that shows me

the answers

and I will reply you by being alert so accidents can not happen in my life.

I, <your name>, as the multidimensional being that I am,

celebrate my compromise to be in this place,

because I live in the Now, I have my peace, I have the vision of the totality and

I know that the solutions are waiting until that I arrive to the NOW, because when I planed

all the trials that I needed to assume in this life,

from the deepest of my inter -dimensional wisdom, I created all the solutions.

I, <your name>, as the multidimensional being that I am,

I delete now all the ingredients of my old contract

and I decree now my definitive resignation to all the vows that I made in the past,

at any time and in any instant.

Principally, I resign to all the vows of Poorness that I made in the past

and I decree that I definitely release them from me.

I, <your name>, as the multidimensional being that I am,

I decree now the awakening of my cellular memory,

I decree now my personal evolution, and for that reason,

I co-create my future and my own reality,

because I always am in the correct place, in the appropriate moment

By virtue of that, I, <your name>,

express Now my intention for going where I need to go according to the Divine Plan.

And I ask only the knowledge, the persons and the situations

that permit me to show the Divine Will in the physical reality, will come to me.

I, <your name>, as the multidimensional being that I am,

choose to use all the new gifts of the Spirit for keeping me equilibrated

and for having the power to eliminate any negativity that tries to interpose my road.

Therefore, I co-create my healing and I co-create that my vibration changes and gradually increase

to more subtle and inter – dimensional levels.

By virtue of that, I, <your name>, in appropriate and sacred way, I speak to You, now, Dear Body:

we are together in this life and together we heal, regenerate, rejuvenate

and together we have the power for delaying the liberation of the hormonal chemistry that age us,

because together we deactivate, for unlimited time, the aging of our cells, tissues, organs and


and we align in a harmonic and equilibrated way with the 12 chains of our DNA.

We activate now, too,

the growing and working of our pineal gland,

for activating the process of ascension

that it is etched in our DNA.

Now, all of our cells know it,

proclaim its intention and act accordingly.

I, <your name>,

honor this Earth and honor my own existence.

I deserve to be here now and to receive a lot of good things.

Therefore, I open myself and understand that I deserve the abundance

that it is necessary for fulfilling all my wishes and needs, and I understand that the Spirit

is here for giving me love, peace, equilibrium, health and abundance.

Only the good things adhere to me, because I am a piece of the Totality

and I am Perfect before the eyesight of the Spirit.

No human word can change the I AM,

because I AM that I AM and I deserve to be now in this beautiful place called Earth,

I Am That I Am.

I Am All that I Am.

I Am All That I Am and All that It Is.

I Am One with the All.

According to the Plan and the Divine Will, I, <your name>

as the multidimensional being that I am,

I call all the Ascended Masters

and all the Light Beings that are involved

with all the knowledge that I need to receive,

for transmitting me the totality of all of them

in the appropriated levels and to show me how to procedure

for their interpretation, application and spreading,

for honoring and co-create in harmony

the total marriage with the contract of learning

that My Self have made with the Spirit.

In the name of the Spirit, I, <your name>, co-create

that I confront the change without fear and without participating

in any collective apocalyptic situation.

In the name of the Spirit, I, <your name>, co-create

the qualities of forgiveness and unconditional compassion,

inter and intra personal love

and the perfect physic, mental and spiritual health.

In the name of the Spirit, I, <your name>, co-create

to obtain the knowledge of this new energy, with all the links, all the tools,

and with the most pure love, for using it for my own good, my wisdom, my master, and for the guide

and the good of all humanity.

In the name of the Spirit, I, <your name> co-create

the highest spiritual creator energy

of all type of intellectual, spiritual and material resources

for spreading correctly and without attachment

all the knowledge that are indicated to me

and for obtaining without effort all the financial resources that are needed

for doing correctly and appropriatly my mission

for living comfortably and for sharing my abundance with others.

Possibly the things never are like they seem.

Therefore, I, <your name>, as the multidimensional being that I am,

in this hour and in this moment, ask for being involved in a Golden White Light of the Creation,

for being permanently connected with the high perception and appropriate expression,

for acting always according to the Divine Plan of Light,

honoring to the Spirit and to the superior designs of the Master Plan of All That It Is.

For working completely with the Divine Presence

above my probable beliefs or limitations.

And so it is.



(1) Mario Liani is Numerologist and gives advices to persons, groups and companies in Caracas, Venezuela.
Do you want to give your opinion to him?
(mail of Mario Liani)


(2) The Great White Brotherhood is a Spiritual Order of Hierarchy, an organization of Ascended Masters united for the highest purposes of God in man as set forth by Jesus the Christ, Gautama Buddha, and other World Teachers. You can see more information about this in




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