The spiritual door


Accelerated healing
Test run


Kryon South Africa
Channelled through David Brown©
9th March 2000 at Elandor, Durbanville


Note to the reader: Express the intent to be "in the NOW" at the channelling, and for your energy to be combined
with the group that was present.


Greetings, dear ones, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is a small group this night - a selective group, for here we will be doing a test run of a special healing process. One that is going to change the way healing is looked at and the way healing is done.

You're a group here, to learn to shift, to truly shift your reality and to move yourself into real accelerated healing, and to become more and more of soul and less and less of your ego. Love always finds a way but this particular group has decided long ago that it would take this chance and this challenge, and to move forward. Only love stands in your way for you all fear love, you fear it deeply. The reason you fear love is, once again, we can only return to your parents and the dynamics of their relationship.

At this very moment your guides are arriving at your feet and they are here in awe of you and to honour you, for in this incarnation you have put yourself through a great many challenges and fears and much pain, much hardship. You could have all been traversing the realms, just living a life in love and joy, peace and harmony. But you came to this planet as ambassadors. And you came here to learn more and more and more about love. You've already learned about how not to love and now you are going to learn how to love.

Go deeper and open your hearts for we are going to make this world a special place. For you and for me and for the entire human race. I AM sure some of you know the words to the song, but it was written by Spirit and it was written for a reason. It was written to set the consciousness of making this world a special place, becoming alive. For in music there is much joy and much harmony and it is one way of reaching the masses and uplifting their spirit, and making them feel better about themselves. Music and harmonics are what the body is made of as much as it is light and vibrations. You can all relate to music. Light and vibration is sometimes a little bit more difficult, but you can know that many parts of the human body are all designed around harmonics. The spinal column, for instance, is designed around harmonics and music, and it is designed around the way to love. For when you truly love yourselves, your spine will be straight and erect, and your posture will be that of confidence and security. As you work through your emotional baggage, and your mental baggage, you will become stronger, and become lighter, and your skeletal frame will become more erect, and you will feel more and more like being you, and living your life here on the planet.

As your skeletal frame comes into this stature you'll be revered and you'll be loved, by all of humanity. As we've always said in these channels, the more light within you the more attractive you become, as a weight on your shoulders drift away, as sadness floats into the ether, and as loves fills your heart like flowers fill a vase. You'll begin to feel young, refreshed and alive, and you will become life itself. And life itself is this precious gift you give to yourself. You should only live in the present. The past is gone now but as you change the past you change also the future, but you can only change the past by living in the Now. And any and all spiritual gifts or any gifts whatsoever can only be given in the Now. You can only truly live in the Now.

The more knowledge and the more wisdom you have, the more life skills, the easier life becomes here on Planet Earth. Life is about living, and for the human being the course of your life can meander, if you so wish, or you can really turn on the afterburners and make life really exciting, full of joy, full of ecstasy. This is done by meeting more and more of your challenges head on and walking through with courage and determination to really make this place a better place, first of all for yourselves, and then for all who surround you. And this is done by meeting your own challenges and by working towards a goal; where you are at peace with yourselves and where there is love and joy and harmony. The time has now come for accelerated healing and we've already told you of the bubble of love over this area that is called the Western Cape. The beautiful wine lands, beaches, seas, mountains and the forests, for this is a very special part of Planet Earth. And this is where it will begin, or has begun, for the whole planet. Some might call it a sleeping corner of Africa but in truth there is much work being done here, much work.

There are 30 000 healers here in Cape Town and slowly, but surely, these healers are awakening and it is time to become a force, one voice, here on Planet Earth and have your own direction and have your own voice. A voice that will echo the same message that has been echoed since the days of Christ, but this time with a true conviction and a true understanding of love, knowing that God is all around us, not a little white man with grey hair and a long beard, but He is part of the energy. You can use the analogy that God is what holds the Universe together, the glue; for God is all around us, He's in the gaps between the cells of our bodies; He's even in the cells of the cells of our bodies. He's in the love that we feel in our hearts; He's in the sadness that fills our eyes with tears. He's in every single part of us, experiencing every single emotion and every single feeling, feeling every single permutation of life and understanding it all, not judging you in any way what so ever; for you are here as God's experience, and as you have heard, you're all gods. You're all part of the whole, and the game plan for Planet Earth is to once again become whole and have a thousand years of wholeness, and if you get to like the wholeness maybe you can stay that way; for there will always be a choice. Even in your sadness there is love; there is honour; there is a knowing… For it is there as your teacher to teach you exactly who you are not and to gently push you forward on the journey to truth and to who you are.

In this room, we have all been on this journey in many, many lifetimes and many of you have worked together. You've come together once again to experience the truth of exactly who you are, to experience your own divinity. But as we've said many, many times in these channels, the shame and the guilt must fall away, for you to examine yourselves as scientifically as possible in the cold light of day. You know you're human beings, full of all kinds of emotions, but the one that binds you, and stops you living, is the shame and the guilt. And always remember, that the denial is the padlock on the shackles, and allow yourselves to undo this padlock, and let these shackles fall to the floor. Out of yourselves and into who you truly are.

For we want you to go inside and look from the inside, and look towards the outside and allow yourselves to see these shackles of shame and guilt and see where they bind you, and see where they hold you in your life as it stands. There are many special energies on Planet Earth, and one of them is the purple flame of the Ascended Master St Germaine. And allow yourselves to be engulfed by this purple flame, and observe these shackles of shame and guilt and the padlock of denial and lets see this purple energy transmute these shackles from shame and guilt into love and appreciation of the path you've taken. And allow these shackles to gently transmute into the ether, and allow yourselves the feeling of life without shame and guilt. Stay in your bodies, and stay with the feeling of this freedom, of what it is like to live with the acceptance of all the wrong things you feel you've done to be just perfect, really accepting yourselves and honouring yourselves for how far you've come in this journey. And see yourselves in the cold light of day and see the truth of who you really are. See the love and the joy and the abundance that you really are and see how you have been held down by these shackles, denying yourselves so much love. And all you ever looked for in your lives is love.

Oh what a strange way you go in search of your love, dear ones. Feel what would be the first thing you would do in your own life, without these shackles on, and acknowledge what you'd really do with your lives without being in this form of bondage. There is great stigma around sexuality. Just feel how free you'd be, to express yourselves, your own creativity, your own joy.

Remember how you were as children, being so free, so excited, at even the smallest of things. Allow yourselves to feel this child-like innocence of what life should truly be like; for as you know, all change is cataclysmic. One day you're one thing, the next day you are something else. That is why change is so frightening for you all. Maybe you will make the wrong choices. But true knowledge comes from experience. In actual fact, in making the wrong choices you did actually make the right choices.

We are here on this planet in learning and in learning to love. The only true lesson is learning to love. Learning more and more about yourselves. The more about yourselves you learn, the more you love yourselves; for what is not loveable is not you. It is only some thought form, some fear that does not truly exist. Walking into love is never easy, it was never meant to be. But you people healers always, but always, pick the most difficult path. And there is a myriad of lessons to be learned on Planet Earth; there is a myriad of emotions to be cleared and walked through, but you're all given that same chance to walk into love.

Each and every single person has one chance, at least, every single day of his or her lives, to walk into love. To love themselves, to honour themselves, to be proud of themselves and to make them secure and happy and loving here on Planet Earth. This is truly the planet of free choice. You all chose to come here so why don't you all choose to be happy here and allow yourselves to feel the feeling of happiness and contentment of knowing that God really cares for each and every one of you. But the likelihood is He probably cares far more for you than you actually care for yourselves; for caring for oneself is not an easy task. There are so many things to look after: your bodies, your mind, your emotions, your mental state. And so very little is actually written, particularly in the western world, of how to care for mind, body and spirit. How to work with your emotions the way your TV and communications industry works, as if they don't care. But then again they're only a reflection of their TV audience; for if they truly cared, they would spread a message of love, hope, and of true joy, peace and harmony. But the only way they can care is by
having an audience that really cares about themselves and is discerning enough to watch only what supports their personal growth.

It has not been mentioned in the channels for awhile about how destructive the news is. It's not really news. It's a deep negative programming designed to make humanity live in fear, to be always concerned about the future and what will happen next. If you constantly watch this negative type of TV program, or read the newspapers, listen to the radio, constantly bombarded by this negativity, you will become programmed negatively.

But all you have to do, is actually change channels and look at life around you. Look at how nature is in such abundance; how beautiful it is; how fertile it is; how abundant it is. Wherever there is the tiniest crack in a pavement, you will find a blade of grass or maybe a dandelion growing. This is how desperate the Plant Kingdom is for a place here on Planet Earth, to experience life here on Planet Earth. There is a difference in consciousness between the plant kingdom and humanity.

One can say that humanity comprises sentient beings that can either love themselves or hate themselves. They have a choice. They can live in fear or live in love; for to be a sentient being means to have a choice. For to give yourselves your best chance here on Planet Earth to start really caring for yourselves and really discerning about how you spend your days and what you spend them doing.

For to sit in front of the TV set or to use some lethargic type of living, will not bring you love and joy and peace and harmony. There is so much energy, here in abundance on Planet Earth, to set you alive and set you free. It is all there, just for the asking. It is for you to open your hearts and allow the love to flow into your hearts, but only a little at a time, so that you can get used to it, step by step of the way; for none of you truly know what real love is; a true divine love. But if it surrounds you in such an abundance, your hearts will open wider and wider and you will see the entire Universe within your heart; for what is within is without. You are all microcosms of the macrocosm. And remember there is only one reason to be here on Planet Earth and that is to learn to love.

We're going to take you into a meditation now. Into a form of accelerated healing. And this type of healing will become more and more widespread as time goes by. But as you know 70 percent of your imprinting comes from your parents. It is with your parents that we will start first.

So first of all I want you to stand your father in front of you, and allow a gentle gaze directly into his eyes, and allow yourselves the truth of what is in your father's eyes. And now take yourselves back in time… to when your father was a small boy…. and see him with his parents playing somewhere. And observe the dynamics of your father's parent's relationship. And now bring in Merlin the Magician and allow Merlin to sprinkle that magic dust of Avalon over your father and his parents. And allow them all to become of soul consciousness; including your father's brothers and sisters.

Now see your father in a few years time. Perhaps sixteen years old and see in what state of consciousness he is, and if he is not whole by sixteen years old, go once again back to the child back to the childhood, and ask your father once again what he needs? What is upsetting him so? And allow Merlin the Magician to work with him and give him whichever gifts he needs.

And once again come back to the future and see him at twenty-one years old ready to walk out into the world, a man with soul consciousness. And now see your father, as you remember him best and once again look into his eyes. And see the love and the beauty that are in those eyes. And allow yourselves to put your arms around him. And allow the love to flow from you. First of all, you go first and let the love flow from your heart into his, little by little, and allow him to feel he is in a space safe enough, so that he can reciprocate. And let the love flow from his own heart into yours. Let this love, ebb and flow, between the two of you. And with each cycle of ebbing and flowing increase the love more and more and more…. until the love completely engulfs the two of you. Now take one step backwards and look at your father and see how the energy flows between the two of you. Now you can thank your father for the lessons of the past. And just make sure that the energy is as it should be, connected directly to the heart or take the decision to cut the energy and to let him go. At this point perhaps there is something he would like to say to you.

And now see your mother standing in front of you and gaze gently into her eyes and see what is in your mother's eyes. Now go and see your mother as a small child and see the dynamics of your mother's relationship with her parents and how things are for your mother as a small child.

And once again bring Merlin in to make this a real happy family. Allow Merlin to teach your mother magic and how the Universe works, teach her all about love and joy and peace and harmony. And allow your mother to have parents of a soul consciousness. Your mother can too grow up to be of a soul consciousness. And allow any brothers or sisters of your mother to also be of a soul consciousness and allow this happy family to grow up in love, joy peace and harmony.

And now see your mother around the age of sixteen. She is becoming a real woman. And ask your mother if there is anything in her life she needs or needs to deal with. And take her back to her childhood again and allow Merlin to give her anything she needs. Now see your mother at the age of twenty-one. See how she looks and how she feels about going into life as a young woman with a deep understanding of what life is all about. Now see your mother as you remember her best and once again just look gently into her eyes and see what you see. Walk up to your mother and put your arms around her and hold her close to your heart and allow the love to flow from your heart to your mothers. First of all, a little at a time. Allow your mother to feel safe so that she can open her heart to you and allow that love to flow. And as the love ebbs and flows, just allow it to get bigger and bigger till it once again truly encompasses the two of you. Allow the feeling of what the two souls really feel when they are deeply connected to one another. Once again just take one backward step and see the energy that flows between you and your mother and either clean that energy up and polish it till it sparkle, or take the psychic scissors and cut it and thank her for the lessons in the past and let her go. Perhaps she will have a special message for you.

And Now see yourselves as a small child growing up in a beautiful family, all soul mates together. And see how you feel as a small child and ask that child what he or she needs. Bring Merlin the Magician to teach that small child the little things that are missing about the Universe and about love, about how love is so powerful, and anything else you would like Merlin to teach that child.

And now see yourselves a few years older and see what is going on with this adolescent child. And allow Merlin to dissolve any fears and anxieties. Give that child a friend or a pet or some gift. The knowledge and the wisdom to live life on the Planet.

And now see yourselves roughly at the age of twenty-one, ready to step out into life and see what you feel about life and what life can bring for you. And if you have any issues to deal with at age twenty-one. Once again take yourselves back to that small child and if it is anything to do with the masculine ask Merlin to help. If it is anything to do with feminine ask Mother Mary. And allow whatever needs to be healed, to be healed.

And now take yourselves to two years into the future and look at how life is for you in two years time. Just ask that future self for any advice how you can get there faster.

Dear ones, step by step of the way, you are moving into ascension and by now the patterns of your life should be apparent, and how they have been generated from generation to generation.

Once you can see the pattern it can be easy to change, purely by acknowledgement. Love is truly on its way and once again as you all heal, so will others, many many others, you are now on your way to make this world a better place, first of all for you and the entire Universe.

Go well, God bless, this is Kryon signing out.



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