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Kryon South Africa
Channelled through David Brown©
10th August 2000 at Elandor, Durbanville

Note to the reader: Express the intent to be "in the NOW" at the channelling, and for your energy to be combined
with the group that was present.


Greetings, dear ones, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Tonight is going to be a serious night, but a fun night because the end of the end is almost in sight and new beginnings are afoot. The energy in the Cape is completely changed now and it is up to each individual to work through their own issues, for they have full support of the energy they need, to release all emotional wounding. These channellings, over this last two years or so, have been specifically designed to help people with emotional wounding and to help them heal their emotional centres.

Many people are of very clear mind, but as soon as it comes to achieving something in their lives, the emotions take over. As this emotional healing comes to a close, you will find yourselves becoming far more creative, having a much more exciting life and exciting time.

The next set of channellings, proceeding this evening, will be focusing more on the mental approach to life, for those of you who have really worked on yourselves no longer really need to focus upon your emotional centres.

Not all in the room, but most of the people in the room, have reached a state of critical mass, where your emotional centres will heal more or less automatically. For you have come so far, working with yourselves, that it is just a matter of course. As soon as you find something emotionally debilitating, it is going to be quite easy to release. For you know now, beyond the pain and the sadness, there is love and joy and excitement. There is no longer any point in revelling in the pain or whatever issues you are working with. Once you get clarity of mind and you can see what the emotional centres are doing to you, within a matter of days, you can immediately release whatever issue it is you are working with. And this is the energy that is in the Cape and it is only in the Cape, in the Cape of Good Hope for that's what it is, the Cape of Good Hope. For your emotional centres have held you back and held you in a place of being small and of not expanding truly into the world. They have held you in the darkness. It's like your feet are being nailed to the floor and your hands to the wall. And as soon as you are completed with your emotional healing, your hands and feet will become free and you'll be able to move in whichever direction you wish to move, freely and openly, manifesting and creating almost at will.

The following cycles of channelling will be to clarify your mental approach to the world and to life, for your mental thoughts are also holding you in a prison and it is for you to start really watching your thought patterns, for your thoughts create a reality. Most of these channellings have been based in the solar plexus, for your feelings create thoughts which create realities. And now that your feelings or your emotions are in balance, you can now begin to concentrate more and more upon your thoughts and allow yourself to see your thoughts and take time to check, continually, what you are thinking, for you will find that you are manifesting quicker and quicker now. For your thoughts are accessing the causal plane very quickly and you can create good or bad in your lives, purely by thought. So, be very careful and continually check your thoughts and allow your thoughts to become inline with your vision and your dreams for yourself.

The days of fear and manipulation through the solar plexus have gone. Slowly, but surely, your hearts have opened to a state where they will not close and to a state where the ball is now rolling. More like a snowball rolling down a mountain. You're just picking up more and more momentum and learning to cruise through life more and more. For many of you in this room, you found it very difficult to even dream, dream of the future and to dream of happiness and to dream of joy, to dream of manifesting material wealth. You have found it very scary, for you don't wish to be disappointed. But as your emotional centres come into balance, you'll find yourself a formidable power and you will have personal power and courage and strength to move in, to a cleansing of your mental aura. And as time goes by, as your thoughts come into line with your dreams, you'll find yourself manifesting whatever you desire, quicker and quicker and with the greatest of ease.

The message from Kryon is so simple but yet, as you live in the human form, life is so difficult, for you're in the centre of your own storm, of your own life, in the centre of your own emotional and mental blitz and blocks, and in the centre of all your own fears. But life around is set up as a paradox. It is so simple, yet so complicated. Life itself, is so simple but you yourselves complicate your lives. This is all set to change and as life goes on, you will bring change to many people surrounding yourselves. You will anchor love and joy and love and harmony here on the planet.

There are dark forces on the planet. But, as you know, when a light is shone in a dark room it is no longer dark. There is no power in darkness. Darkness or fear driven motives cannot exist. Once again we say, in these channels, be discerning in what you read, what you watch on the TV and what you listen to on the radio. Forget the news, for news is a surreptitious name for fear. It is for anchoring you in your fears, by one could say dark forces, forces that are happy with humanity the way it is, not the way it can be, blossoming like a flower and enjoying the beauty of Mother Earth and enjoying life and the excitement of the world, creating and manifesting.

For, as you come to the end of this journey of cleansing and purifying your emotional and mental self, do not think that life will become boring, for there will be many, many different gifts and many, many different challenges to face, as life goes on. It will be a whole new exciting phase of your lives and these channellings in Cape Town, South Africa, are here to bring an end to the phase of this human suffering in this emotional and mental state.

If you really take the care to read the existing channels, you will see and understand, with a great deal of clarity, how to change your lives and how to live your lives in truth. Many things you've placed a great deal of stock in, often have to be let go. Many fears have to be walked into. It could mean broken relationships at the absolute worst. For, as the old adage goes, you may feel like you're walking on a tight-rope but actually it's just the line on the floor.

Spirit is with you, each and every step of the way, and you're being loved and cared for and nurtured and gently cajoled into personal growth. For, you are the leaders on this planet, you are the ones who will lead this planet into truth, just by walking into your own truth. That is all that is necessary. You don't have to stand up and evangelise or whatever. You just have to continue to work on yourselves and release the past, let go of the future and live in the now and all that you dream of, will come to you, through your heart centre. And for all the people in this room, love is truly on it's way. You're taking yourselves to the Promised Land, to heaven, here on earth.

Heaven has always been here on earth, and there have been a few people who have found it. We are now entering the Golden Age where many people will find it, in fact, most of the population of the planet. The time has come for you to learn to let go of all the things you are hanging onto. Maybe it's a relationship, maybe it's a belief system, maybe it's some form of pain. Most of all, it's the feeling of being small. For most people in the healing world, are being made to feel small in their childhood and it's a very difficult feeling to work through. It is for you to now expand your energies and your auras and allow the world to feel your presence; to stand up and be counted, purely by living in your truth and by being who you were really meant to be. Love always has a way and love will take you to wherever you wish to be.

But, once again, there is a great fear of love. For love, is all encompassing. But to fall in love and open your heart is one of the scariest possibilities there is known on this planet and there are very few true loving relationships, true unconditional loving relationships, on Planet Earth at the moment, and as you clear your mental and emotional body, these relationships become a real possibility. They will allow you to merge with a member of the opposite sex.

And this merger really means that there will be a sacred marriage of your own masculine and feminine soul and you will become complete or you will become as one. And when you stand as one, without wounds, you will be many times more powerful than you are with your wounds. But it has been a difficult process, for each person in the room, to walk into their wounds, for the people who wounded them are those closest to them, parents or siblings, close family, lovers, etc. It is this kind of thing that one does not want to look at, for the feeling of betrayal, sometimes, is too much bear. But, one must always remember, you must always be able to betray another to be true to your own soul, for your relationship with yourself is all that truly counts. Once your relationship with yourself is in order, then your world is in order. As we said earlier, you will only manifest love and truth and by then you will be in the Golden Age and you will be the first of many to enter that age and you will be there to help pull others through, purely by being on the other side of the fence, by raising your vibration to such a level and allowing yourselves to love yourselves.

At this moment your guides are entering the room, for they are in awe of the journey that you have undertaken. Before you entered this life on Earth, many of you pulled straws with your guides to choose who would come to experience, first of all the separation from God and the Divine and now the coming to wholeness or the completion at such a special time in Planet Earth's history. Your guides all know you and you know your guides from many lifetimes before, not only on this planet, but on many planets throughout the universe.

For you're all magical beings of this universe and you're all experts in your own field of healing, but the focus must continue to remain with yourselves, for one of the lessons you've all been through is the lesson of caring, for you've all learned to care for others, but it's been very difficult to care for yourself.

The time is now to really learn to love yourself and to really care for yourself, to make your spiritual discipline caring for yourself and enjoy caring for yourself and doing things for yourself, to make your life special and to make yourself even more beautiful than you already are.

Your guides are now at your feet and they're giving your aura a love wash and as they wash your aura with love they're moving much fear out of your aura, for your healing is moving at a much faster pace and the fear can be removed much more easily now than ever before.

For most people in this room you've entered your core beliefs. You're facing them and you're changing them into alignment with Universal Truth. You have to continue with this process and be deeply religious about this, not leaving a stone unturned. For every stone that you look under you will find a lesson and that lesson will bring you incredible personal power. Not a power over others, but a power for you to love yourself, to enjoy yourself and to be at one with yourself.

Now, close your eyes and go inside and allow yourself to feel any emotion that is in your solar plexus or in your body, or any issue that you have been working with in the past month or so. And allow yourself to connect with your soul and allow a real soul connection. Allow your soul to see what is going on in your solar plexus and your emotional centres and allow your soul to work with whatever is happening. In the meantime allow a connection to Mother Earth. Allow roots to grow from your feet into the earth and bring yourself to a feeling of oneness with Mother Earth, a real feeling of belonging and allow Mother Earth, to really welcome you here and to make you feel at home. Allow Mother Earth to work with any feelings of loneliness or any feelings of longing, for she is in charge of these departments. And now as the moon waxes, allow the moon to connect with your emotional centres and allow the moon's energy to work with whatever you're working with, for, by the time the full moon comes these issues will be released.

There is a great deal of fear surrounding forgiveness and where this is apparent, vengeance is in it's place. If you're hanging on to anyone or any person for any particular reason allow forgiveness into your heart. And allow any need for vengeance or revenge to gently flow out of your bodies. This is a very difficult emotion to work with and not many people like to own up to vengeance, but when you recognise your imprinting comes from a very small child, with a very limited capacity. You have to forgive yourselves for carrying such feeling. But oh, what fun you'll have, once all this stuff is gone. For this type of emotion is very expensive, for you're beings of light and energy and vibration and each and every day energy is flowing into your bodies and whilst you're carrying this type of emotion, this type of emotion uses up phenomenal amounts of energy.

This is why we say when your emotional centres are healed you'll have so much more personal power for manifestation. You'll find yourself feeling so much more alert and alive and clear and excited about life. You'll find the aging process comes almost to a standstill. You'll find yourself having time for the small things of life. The pace of life will become less hurried and once again you will find yourselves in heaven.

For the light is shining very brightly around this group here in Elandor and each time we speak the light gets brighter and you become lighter. And now, open your hearts more and more and open your hearts to yourself. For, opening your heart to yourself means more and more love to you. This kind of love cannot go away. And allow your heart to open at the will centre, at the back, between your shoulder blades. As you open your heart more and more feel the barriers that are there, between you loving yourself and you not loving yourself. And allow the love that is in the air to dissolve these walls. First of all, see what they are and acknowledge what they are. For, in acknowledgement of the walls around yourself comes healing, comes awareness, comes truth, comes love and comes light.

And now, open your heart even more as these barriers gently disperse and allow the love from your heart to communicate or to connect with your communications chakra. Allow yourself to be able to express the love you feel and the love you want to feel, to express the truth about how you feel about all things, particularly the things you have always shied away from expressing.

And now, give yourself permission to go even deeper and deeper into your own heart, and go deeper and deeper, and allow yourself to see the heart in a way you have never seen it before. And allow a blue light into your heart, a blue light of calmness and peace, allowing your hearts to calm, so that you can see, more and more, the truth of who you are within your own heart. And see where the cracks are and where the divisions are and see where the pain is and the heartache and allow yourself to cleanse and to purify your heart with this beautiful blue light. And allow this blue light to wash away any issues to do with a broken heart. And allow yourself a little bit of time for the energy to move through your heart all the way to the will centre, going deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, allowing more and more love and truth into your heart and allowing your hearts to connect with each member of the group. And allow your heart to connect with the rest of fellow man. Allow your hearts to open to the love that is in this group and in the rest of humanity and focus on the beauty and the love. And maintain a strong focus on the love and the beauty and allow your chakras to be cleansed, for your heart chakra to be cleansed, by this blue light. And allow the colour of this blue light to shift to aqua marine, the beautiful colour of the ocean. And let the ocean wash through your heart, bathing your heart in salt water, once again cleansing and purifying, and allowing room for more and more love, for a clearer flow of the energy. For your heart is a connectedness to all your other chakras, not only the base, the second, the third, the third eye and the crown, but the many other chakras in your body. The energy flows from all your chakras to our heart. This is why your heart is so sacred. And it is why there are so many wounds, for all wounding affects the heart in one-way or the other. For whilst you're in this state of being, set the intent that in the next few weeks your heart becomes fully opened and fully healed and that you become complete or whole and that you begin to create a reality that you truly want.

Now allow yourselves to go even higher and higher to meet your higher self and connect with the other members of the group from your higher self perspective. And allow yourself to advise yourself on any issues that you are working with.

And allow yourself to walk up a mountain to the summit. And as you arrive at the summit, the outstretch is in front of you, the panorama that is your life, the life that you truly want. And if there is part of you that is not aware of this view of this lifetime, allow this personality to see this view of the world of your life. And show this personality all your dreams and your aspirations, and speak to this personality and if it does not want your dreams, ask why not? Is he or she trying to protect you in some way? And allow this personality permission to view your aura and let this personality see the work that you have done on yourself and how much clearer your aura is. Maybe this personality is a belief system or emotions. And now ask that a Descended Master come and speak to the personality.

And now this personality can see your view of the world and wants to be part of it. Ask it for ideas to be made manifest, if not now, in the next few days for ways to help you in your life. And now allow this personality to join you and become at one with you and your vision for the future and for the now. And as you still looking at this view, imagine that there is a beautiful golden light cascading through your crown chakra. This is like a resolve, giving you the resolve and the power to walk into your dreams and allow yourself to be filled with this beautiful golden light. And let your heart radiate this golden light, like a disc around the planet, a symbol of your gratitude for life here on Mother Earth.

And when you're ready, come slowly back down the mountain and back to the warm valley and the beautiful stream and just know, dear ones, you're all well and truly on your way and there is nothing going to stop you now.

For this is Kryon signing out. Go well and God bless and enjoy your new life.

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