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Kryon is a Magnetic Master who proposes to live life in a way different from what we are in use to;
to be conscious about WHO we really are.
His proposal is absolutely free, without entering in any religious context because it respects all,
and instead to limit our thoughts, He invites us to embrace our own inner angel.

The group of Kryon have provoked the movement of one of the magnetic lattice from the earth,
so that the veil that separates us from our true reality is also moved.

In this marvelous Earth we walk like dual beings, with God in our inner side
but covered by our daily experiences that make us to forget who we really are.
Kryon says that we are angels trying to be humans.

Kryon proposes also, to take what is called the neutral implant,
that it means to clean our karma for setting our road map to zero.
From there, he teaches us the tool of Co-creation
together with our Spiritual Guides and God
for living our reality in the NOW, day by day.
The neutral implant generates a series of happenings
that purify us and open us to the possibility to be our own Master.

What is the neutral implant and how to obtain it ?

First, we will see the difference between Implant and Imprint:

Imprint is all the attributes or characteristics that are within us since we were born.
These attributes can be for example, our astrology sign,
the karmic lessons that we live, the color of our aura,
the type of body that we have, the defense against illness,
the line of life we have, the type of personality,
including the different lessons of life that we will live.

The Implant instead, is a mechanism that can be requested to modify
or eliminate the imprint of our lives.
This gives us the possibility to heal our body,
it gives us more intelligence, better temper and tolerance,
spiritual sensitivity, inner peace, wisdom, enlightenment and more.
It can eliminate the karmic lessons already made,
and the implant can substitute totally our imprint.

This material is thoroughly described in the book
Number 1 ”The End of the Times”
© by Lee Carroll (Kryons channeler in California - USA)
Official web page:

How to obtain the implant?

The following message is sent to us by Mario Liani
(See Numerology analysis of Kryon)
explaining us more about this:

”The neutral implant is activated when it is requested,
because it is connected with the evolutionary intention.
With the intention it is enough.

To ask for the neutral implant, it means that the person who wants it,
shows before the Spirit his/her complete disposition for recognizing
his/her Divinity and the wish to carry out the contract,
trying to increase his/her Divine Conscience
and of the people around him/her.

To ask for the neutral implant (neutral: to neutralize the karma)
it means to accept totally, the responsibility for the spiritual elevation
and according to that, to face all the karma that is accumulated until now.

There is not a general recipe (exercise, meditation or ritual)
for requesting the implant. The request depends principally of the sincere intention,
made from the heart of the inner side of the person towards his/her spiritual Guides.

It is like doing a prayer from the heart, from the soul, focused in one objective.
So, only the intention is necessary.

If you consider that it is necessary with a repetitive prayer, like in a ritual;
write it down, according to yourself and say it every day at a specific hour
until your Being tells you that it is enough. This will depend of you.

It is very important to know that you can not ”sit and wait” for things to happen....
You need to start to walk your road with conscience,
activating what you wish and being responsible for that.
This mechanism will activate the karma and you will live
the teachings that you need to experience for passing to next evolutionary steps.

With the request of the neutral implant, the karma is accelerated
and it comes for being faced with our conscience.
The way that you'll confront it will determine
the type of experiences and learnings that you will live.

There are no rules to follow regarding what to do or what will happen.
It depends of our evolutionary stage and about what you want
for your being to evolve.
There are no ”bad things” to experience: only teachings,
and nothing will be so hard that you can not endure it.”

Mario Liani.

For those that want to have a ceremony (of course we should always
be conscious that it is enough with the intention) we show you now
a beautiful meeting with Kryon and the Spiritual Hierarchy,
that a mayan teacher from Mexico have taught us.

1)Try to know your galactic signature from Dreamspell. (It can be done without)

2)Generate a moment with peace and open heart, in the following way:

a) Ask permission to the Father for permitting you to receive
Kryon in this ceremony of Love.

b) Speak to the Galactic Directions in the following manner:

To the East Direction, say ” Lords of the Red Race from Atlantis:
I greet you sincerely from this Earth and ask that the channels
of my inner knowledge can be opened for remembering
who I am and why I came here.”

To the North Direction, say ” Lords of White Race from Atlantis,
you protect the step from life to death (which is the beginning of life),
I ask you the force and willpower for the actions”.

To the West Direction, say: “Lords of the Blue Race from Lemuria,
transformer of the planet, I ask for the best to all the races
and ask that our transformation can be made by playing and not suffering”.

To the South Direction, say: ”Lords of the Yellow Race from the planetary wisdom,
I ask that our inner knowledge can be opened
and we bless through you, all the beings that search the knowledge.”

To the Earth (kneel and put the hands on the ground,
feeling the energy of our Mother Earth),
say: ”To you, mother, pacha mama, I thank you
that you are our home, our cave, and support.
We are the missionary of your love and the guards of your frequency.
Light our crystal hearts and tune your heart with all our hearts.”

To the High (stand up) ”Lords of the Stars, thank you.
I ask you for protection for all those that are and are not conscious,
for all those that still are sleeping and still are slow.”

To your Spiritual Being, say: ”To my Spiritual Being present here,
and to Hunab Ku, who is in my heart,
I ask the movement for Loving all that exists, without judging any element.”

c) Now ask to God the Father/Mother Creator,
the authorization, before the Galactic Confederation of Peace Planets,
by presenting yourself.”...............................” (Say your name,
and if you know your Kin it would be better) for receiving
the Magnetic Force from Kryon.

It is possible to sing the name ”Kryon” 3 times in the way that it is defined:
Raise your hands and say: ”Come, Kryon”.

When the Kryon energies are entering through the chakras,
it is possible to feel them like a deep warmth.

This energy can not be more than 3 minutes inside your body,
because it can provoke a lost of balance in your chakras.

After this, say Thank You to the Guides,
to the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light for this blessing that was given you.



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