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Who is me?

My name in maya is Mucuy Ku and I was born in Argentina. Since 3 years ago I live in Denmark (Risskov inÅrhus), together with my husband..

I have worked in my spiritual life during 16 years. I have too en engineer education,
and I worked som researcher in en University in Argentina.

Since I came to Denmark, I dedicate part of my live to transmite the universal energy, which gives to me and the others happyness and balance.

A part of my espiritual experience was developed in México, where I learned
from Mayan Shamans.
In Argentina I have worked with differet techniques, which have permited to go to this direction.

I have taken a danish education during two years in Århus kommunes
sprogskolen for learning the lenguagge, and I have finished the exams with good results.

I speak english and spanish too, and I can give the sessions in the lenguagge the client desires

I have taken the "Advanced Practitioner"s training in Mexico, with Adriana Colotti,
and "Master in Practice"s training in Argentina, with Peggy Dubro.




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