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What are the Phases I - IV Sessions?


The first four phases of the EMF Balancing Technique® create an energetic foundation
to support your ability to "co-create the most enlightened life you can"

Phase I - Wisdom and Emotions

Intent: To balance the head and heart, resulting in stress reduction and an energy pattern
of freedom and well being.
Involves verbal permission from the recipient to participate in and allow the healing process.

Phase II - Self Direction and Support

Intent: To gracefully release karmic issues. The resulting new perspective promotes awareness
of direction and support from within the self, making more energy available to the recipient now.

Phase III - Radiate Core Energy

Intent: Recipients experience their spiritual intelligence by aligning their energy centers,
and strengthening their expression through the heart center.
Recipients practice their mastery in the events of their daily life.

Phase IV - Energetic Accomplishment

Intent: Dynamic communication with future/potential self.
Recipients take part in the co-creative process of their personality reality.


What are the Phases V - VIII Sessions?

The focus of Phases V-VIII is the Practice of Mastery in everyday life.
These phases strengthen the energetic patterns of mastery and lead to a fuller expression
of the attributes of mastery you already carry within you.

Phase V - Template of Infinite Love

The Phase V template encompasses an area that includes the Heart Center, High Heart Center, the throat,
all the small energy vortices around the mouth, and the center on the tip of the nose.

Phase VI - Templates of Infinite Compassion

There are two separate templates in Phase VI, one for each hand.
The area that each template encompasses includes the energy center in the middle of the hand
and all the small energy vortices throughout the fingers.

Phase VII - Templates of Infinite Presence

There are two separate templates in Phase VII, one for each foot.
The area that each template encompasses includes the major energy center on the top and bottom of the foot,
and all the small energy vortices on the soles of the feet and around the toes.

Phase VIII - Template of Infinite Wisdom

The Phase VIII Template encompasses all the points of light contained within the brain,
and all of the energy vortices associated with the Crown Center.
The energy and color of all the templates in Phases V-VIII is platinum,
signifying a catalytic element that contributes to the accelerated resonance of the Crown Center.




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