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Dreamspell is one of the tools we use.

Dreamspell is originally called a game and we liked that very much! Though not used as a game, the concept we liked. To play should be our objective in life. It is the real teaching! To play it means we are self conscience and with self esteem (Most of our insecurities disappear when we play :)

This tool was developed by Dr. Jose Argüelles and you can see more in his page:

Through Dreamspell and another tools it is possible to enlighten persons with the most basic of questions: Who am I? Maybe you heard this one before, we think you did. So, what is different in our concept?

We will try to explain:

Within our concept of time we have a past, a present and a future. This is also true for our spiritual road. Though not related to time, it is within the same concept until we learn that we contain all knowledge within us from the time we are born. In every life we must face our weaknesses and try to grow in a way that removes these weaknesses and predispositions in order to become pure.

What we can tell is not necessarily beautiful or an attempt to make a person feel better about him or her self. It will contain both parts, power and weakness because power is necessary to make less powerful the weaknesses.

We will not be able to do magic for you, because the work is yours. We can not see in the future or are by any means superior, we don't know what job you will get or how rich you are going to be. We are persons walking our own path and today it crossed with yours.

Don't expect miracles unless you are willing to conduct them yourself!

As we stated on the front of our page: The truth will always lead you to your destiny. That includes also the truth about who you are.

We could speak a very long time about this subject but that was not our intention. We will conclude this letter with explaining a little how we work and what we need from you if you would like this information that is solemnly about you and your personal road.

What we need from you is:

1)your birth date

2) your name (entire name, married name and born name).

We would also like to know a little about your work and any information that you can give to tell a little about your current situation. If you have sadness or happiness. At least we need your birth date!
The remainder of the information will help us very much but of course you decide how much you like to share.

Our service that we offer at this moment is not free! No matter how much we would like to give our spiritual knowledge to the world, we still need to grow in our own spirituality which means that we need to take courses and obtain material and spend a great deal of our time in making the material which is specific for you. We need to work a lot on our page too. The material presented there will of course always be free because it is our intention to share our knowledge with the world.

The personal information you receive will typically be the result of 3-4 hours of work. It is a lengthy process. The material can be delivered on CD (It can be in Spanish, English, Danish or Dutch), or as a written document (this last one it will demand more time)

A lot of people like to obtain information about themselves and their relation to their family. This requires more work and it will also require more information about you.

Some general information about the cost can be found on the following page

If you are still interested, find out about the exact cost of this personal information by stating your request in a mail to:, in a clear fashion with all your facts according to the explanation we have given. If you want to know about the interaction between you and another person/s, please, send us their facts too.

Thank you very much


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