The spiritual door




The mayan culture is a conscience.

The information contained in their legacy is for enlightening ourselves.

We came to this world with a large quantity of energy that we must synchronise for

permitting them to work and to manifest.

It is possible for you to know the energies that you were born with so you can

synchronise with Yourself.

Dreamspell, the galactic compass, is used for decoding these energies and in that way

you will know your galactic signature, your mission in this life, your challenge,

your real age and the connections

between you, the people around you and your Superior Self.

This tool is a key to knowledge.

Though the tool is very powerfull, it requires a long time to make a good interpretation.

We are able to help you gather the information about your true self.

Please before writing, read the following section where we explain a little how we work

and what we can do in your particular case.

After that, if you are interested in obtaining knowledge about you, please send a mail to


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