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We have been requested to supply information regarding the payment of Dreamspell
reading, as well as the price. We never figured it could be so complicated :)

In some very special cases offers this service for free or accepts exchange of service in form of spiritual items. This is rarely and only if agreed upon by you and us. Otherwise the remainder of this page supplies you with the general information. maintains the right to make changes to this page at anytime. Please make sure you refresh the page before reading.

This is what we found out:


Prising depends on the requested service. For this reason it is necesarry that you supply us with all the necessary information before we can give you an exact amount. Prices will vary between
$30 - $60 US dollars but as stated, the prices might vary depending on the request. The actual price might be $25 dollars or $70. Please read closely our statements in the dreamspell page.
The price that is given to you is also depending on the type of delivery you request.


Two types of delivery can be made:

  1. Dreamspell reading on CD - The price includes the transfer of the CD to you home address. The price of the transfer also depends if you wich to have a recommanded transnfer or normal transfer.
  2. The reading can be send by E-mail in document type. In this case there is no cost for the transfer but we will add a little for the extra work involved in writing the document opposed to recordings.

It is normal that we find out about the best procedure for each every individual as a seperate case. This way we try to provide the most flexible way to handle this internet jungle :)

We can accept the following transfers:

Western Union
Transfers through Western Union are made by visiting a local Western Union office. We can give help in finding a Western Union office close to you. The payment is made to Western Union and collected here in our Western Union office by us.
Payment through Western Union is rather expensive.
A transfer of 50 US dollars might costs you 20 US dollars.
Please tell us when you want to use this payment system and
we'll guide you through the procedure.

Bank Transfer
A bank transfer is always possible between your bank and our bank. The cost involved are depending on your bank as well as the speed of the transfer. Please consult you local bank for details. If this is the payment system you want to use, please tell us and we'll guide you through this procedure by supplying you with all the details necessary for the transfer.


PayPal payment
PayPal is very well known in the internet communities for money transfers related to business transactions as well as payment system for donations. It is available in 38 countries and they have 25 million members. Most spanish speaking countries are also part. If you are not sure about your country, please ask us and we'll find out for you. For us it is the easiest transfer method!
The use of a transfer through PayPal is very easy but it requires that you open a PayPal account. This service is free and PayPal guides you through the complete procedure. You are required to have one of the following credit cards: MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express. You are not required to have an account with PayPal prior to pressing the PayPal button below, in this case PayPal will guide you through the necassary procedure. The transfer is instant so we will be able to verify it immediately. Please ask us if you need help with this procedure!

When Pressing the PayPal button, you are directed to the PayPal payment page. On this page you see the following information:

Pay to: Portunit
Payment For: Dreamspell reading by SpiritualDK

This is the correct information. uses the service of portunit for receiving money, because does not own a bank account.

If you already ordered and want to pay through PayPal please press this button (NO Initial PayPal account required)



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