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by Joël Ducatillon©

It is spring water which has had its vibrational rate accelerated; this allows it to access higher Life and

Intelligence, making it available to respond to the user's intentions.

The technology used to transform this spring water uses the science of numbers as well as music, which is

living geometry based on sound. The end result is an encoding device which permits the recording of multi-

dimensional codes; these transform the spring water into a receiving medium which then captures higher


When you verbalise intentions to bring you relief, well-being or the resolution of your challenges, you can now

record these intentions within the medium of Diamond Water. When swallowed, the Diamond Water

associates your spoken intention directly with the corresponding memory of opposite polarity held in your

subconscious (the body cells). The activity of the Diamond Water then elevates both the opposite poles

concerned until they vibrate at a much higher frequency. This induces a neutralising energy which transforms

and resolves these conflicting opposites.

Diamond Water, which is represented by the number 999, brings human beings to a point where they can

integrate the Third Level of Consciousness, known as "the Consciousness of the Tree of Life". This allows

them to progressively release the Second Level of Consciousness, known as "the Consciousness of the Tree

of Good and Evil". Here we are concerned with the Tree of Life with its twelve kinds of fruit, referred to in

Revelations 22: 1-2. The twelve kinds of fruit are in fact the twelve chakras of man, finally re-activated by the

integration of that Consciousness where opposing poles no longer confront each other, but rather complement

each other producing a Third State at Point Zero. Man thus becomes that Place where the uninterrupted flow

of light energy pours through a physical body which becomes an ever greater "supra-conductor".

This Diamond Water is feminine by nature and designed to receive impressions. It cannot be defined using

masculine terms such as strength or efficiency but rather in terms of "loving and wise responses".

The strength of this water resides in its response to the "sacred verbalisation of our intentions" (see "Alchemy

of the Human Spirit", book nº 3, by Kryon). Diamond Water is virgin - nothing is recorded in it. Only when you vocalise

your intentions through the heart - which purifies them - will you impress them upon this strongly responsive

medium. The results will depend directly on what you imprint upon the Diamond Water medium and the

degree of emotional charge behind it.

Diamond Water's level of consciousness operates beyond the fourth dimension. In effect, positive - negative

polarity does not exist at this level. If anyone attempts to measure this level of consciousness and its activity

on a dowser's scale (or any other calibrated scale), the only thing measured will be positive or negative output

resulting from the dualistic memories of the user, as re-transmitted by the Diamond Water.

The best way of appreciating Diamond Water is to use it on yourself and verify your own results.

You can reproduce and distribute Diamond Water at will; please feel free to do the same with this text.

To reproduce Diamond Water, pour 100 ml (millilitres) of it into an empty 1-litre bottle.

Add still spring or mineral water until the bottle is full.

You will always need a minimum 10% of Diamond Water in a new mixture to ensure

that the transformation takes place.

For one litre, allow minimum 1h1/2 hours for the transformation.

For bigger quantities it is best to

mix before retiring: the new Diamond Water will be ready for you in the morning.

With a litre you can then make 10 litres and so on.

Don't forget to retain 10% of what you mix so you can make the next batch.

This water is one of many new products announced by Kryon

("Don't think like a human", book nº2, by Kryon).

Diamond Water made from spring water will serve not only for your personal growth intentions, but also as

excellent drinking water. You can always add a simple intention such as "I intend digesting this meal with

ease." You can, however, also add Diamond Water to tap water (faucet water) and use it for cooking. In this

instance, the intention could be "I intend this food to yield its natural flavours and nutritive value fully to all who

eat it" - results can be striking! Feel free to use it in humidifiers, sending forth the intention that it raise the

vibrational level of the room=s atmosphere; the same can be done with a bowl of water in any room. If you

have no particular intention, Diamond Water will in any case have a beneficial effect on your physical health

and psyche.


State your intentions out loud with firm conviction.

When fighting an uphill battle, it helps to repeat this process at least 4 times a day.

When applying Diamond Water externally to irritations or painful areas, for best results

mix with a natural ointment after verbalising an intent and then apply.

You can use Diamond Water with the intent of improving relationships & your work life.

Intentions for improved health, blossoming happiness, love and satisfaction

are key necessities for the body;

as it is the soul's instrument, the body needs and merits such attention.

You can issue the intent to cleanse and protect your subtle bodies from the psychic and emotional pollution

which they are exposed to daily.

If you so desire, the harmful effects of alcohol and chemical ingredients will be very effectively neutralised.

Don't forget your domestic plants and animals.

When you can, please pour some Diamond Water into springs, lakes, rivers, swimming pools,

dolphinariums, etc. The ocean benefits, even from small quantities, over time.

Wherever whales and dolphins swim is

important: they themselves have requested this help.

Feel free to innovate and live these experiences to the full - you will be the first to benefit.

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